#HelloW-Campaign: My Würth moment


» Values. Changes. New Directions. «

This year, the annual report of the Würth Group bears the title: "#HelloW - Values. Changes. New Directions." HelloW: That is a kind greeting, isn’t it? Two hands form a sign: The letter W. Obviously, the W stands for our name and the Würth brand. But there is more to it. It also reflects our corporate philosophy.

These phrases have characterized our success in 75 years of company history. In these 75 years, values such as sincerity, gratitude, trust, predictability, honesty, straightforwardness, and a down-to-earth mentality have developed. But we also move with time, embrace change and explore new paths to inspire our customers again and again. Our actions are based on all of these values as they have made the Würth brand what it is today.

Robert Friedmann and Norbert Heckmann
HelloW-Reinhold Würth

Even the best ideas can only become a success if everyone participates!

Take both hands and form a W. Hold the tips of your thumbs together and point your index fingers upwards. Tell us about your #HelloW moment. Where have you experienced the Würth values and have thus felt that you belong to this Group and its philosophy. This can be a successful cooperation, a special project or an experience with an employee, customer or supplier—no matter what.

Set an example: Share your #HelloW moment

What are the highlights of your very own history with Würth? We are sure that every employee has their very own #HelloW moment! Take part in this campaign and share your Würth moments in your company and with the social media channels of the Würth Group. Use the hashtags #HelloW and #WuerthGroup.


Our employees about their #HelloW moment



» I had a #HelloW moment at the International E-Business Days—surrounded by colleagues from all over the world. When we got together, the atmosphere was just great and I knew right away that I belong to this company. «


» My #HelloW moment was when I was unexpectedly called to the management during a tiring project—and they simply said THANK YOU for my commitment. This gesture motivates me to this day. «


» My last #HelloW moment was when I recently worked at the warehouse. Then I realized once again what a great team spirit we live and what an ace crew we are. «


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