In the beginning there was the screw …

... not just of our business activities, but also of our brand. In 1956, two years after Reinhold Würth had taken over the business from his father, he turns the screw wholesale business Adolf Würth into a general partnership, shortens the company name to Würth and draws inspiration from a screw for the design of the first Würth logo.

The emblem has been modernized several times and was used since 1983 in the form utilized until 2010. On the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the Würth Group’s first company, Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG, the Würth Group is given a new logo in April 2010.

Logo Würth Group

“A brand is much more than just a logo”, says Bettina Würth, Chairwoman of the Advisory Board of the Würth Group, who has played a decisive role in further developing the Würth brand. “A brand is like a personality which you identify through the name, get to know better through the language and experience through the style and charisma.”

In the course of the past six decades, the Würth Group has turned from a two-man business into the world market leader for assembly and fastening technology. Yet what has remained unchanged is the passionate commitment of all of its employees, who believe that satisfying customers is not enough: we want to inspire them. This is what the Würth brand stands for.

First Logo

The idea for the brand logo

originated from Reinhold Würth. The heads of a cheese-head screw and a round-head screw placed opposite each other, with the company name in between, form the Würth logo.

Logo adjusted

The modernization of the brand logo

In the 1970s, the Würth logo was adjusted to the requirements of the time.

Logo with strip

In the 1980s,

another element, a brand strip, was added to the logo.

new Logo

The brand logo of the future

gives the brand more presence. By strengthening the word mark, the brand’s perception is improved across all media. At the same time, the overall Group sets itself apart from the companies of the Würth Line through a logo of its own.