The representative offices


Würth attaches great importance to critical exchange. Würth Haus Berlin and Würth Office Brussels comment on national and international political events. International trade issues are becoming increasingly important from the perspective of a commercial company with global operations. In our globalized and digitally driven world, global economic links can only be shaped together.

Given the mounting trade conflicts, the weak position of established institutions, shifts in military power, and repression, dialog between the world of business and governments is becoming a central challenge. Würth is a vehement advocate of free and rule-based world trade and practices it in more than 80 countries worldwide.

Companies and policymakers are well advised to stay in constant contact with each other. The political representative offices in Berlin and Brussels rise to this challenge by organizing rounds of talks and conferences, and taking a stand. Especially at a time when the European Union is faced with major challenges, Würth continues to focus on supporting the continent’s overall sustainability.