RECA Group


The RECA Group companies supply tools along with assembly and fastening materials to industry and directly to construction, wood, metal, and car business customers, as well as to customers in the cargo sector. Specialists in workwear, advertising materials and vehicle equipment complement the product portfolio.

  • Market cultivation in Europe by 27 companies operating in 19 countries
  • Growth by broadening the customer base in all divisions
  • Exploitation of customer potential by expanding and adapting the product range to meet customer requirements
  • Focus on services that help customers reduce procurement costs for small parts, such as KANBAN and RFID-supported storage systems, the SECO® shelf management system (service concept) for trade customers, shelf and vending solutions for the direct retrieval of goods and automated reordering for customers
  • Continued good prospects for the future thanks to the combination of digital sales systems with customer support by the traditional sales force
  • Tapping markets by implementing a trading partner concept in (mainly European) countries in which the RECA Group has not been active to date