Würth Prize for Literature -
Würth Foundation


Two up-and-coming young writers, Sven Amtsberg from Neustadt in Holstein and Silke Andrea Schuemmer from Berlin, were awarded the 30th Würth Prize for Literature by the Würth Foundation on 20 October 2019. The prize is worth a total of EUR 7,500 and has been awarded since 1996 following the annual Tübinger Poetik-Dozentur (Tübingen Poetry Lectureship). Author Uwe Timm, who shared the Poetry Lectureship at the University of Tübingen with Frank Witzel in 2018, proposed the topic of the call for submissions: “At the Tomb of Joseph Brodsky”. Sven Amtsberg received the EUR 5,000 prize for his text “Rakete Schmidt”. The second prize, worth EUR 2,500, went to Silke Andrea Schuemmer for her short story “Borschtsch in Venedig”.