Screws and Standard Parts


The stainless steel companies are product specialists with supply concepts for industry and trade. The unit’s main business activity is the sale of stainless connecting elements, in particular DIN and standard parts. The hydraulic companies specialize in trading in hydraulic connection technology and providing the associated services.

  • Sales in 2019 focused primarily on the distribution of DIN and standard stainless-steel parts
  • Shortage of nickel stocks due to Chinese environmental policy
  • Rising demand for nickel as a raw material due to increasing production of nickel metal hybrid batteries for electric cars
  • Expansion of the Inox Mare warehouse, Italy, to include 12,000 new pallet bays
  • Hydraulic companies report record sales
  • Introduction of tablets to record service orders for the Sprinter® service fleet (D-ProS system)
  • Additional services on data management for hydraulics customers (S.M.S.—Safety Management System)