“It’s fantastic that the company attaches so much value to music. While Germany is downsizing a lot of its orchestras, we have set up a new one. The atmosphere among us musicians is great and I really feel at home. When we play concerts, I love the sense of energy between us and the audience. Particularly when we play in the small chamber music hall, the Reinhold Würth Hall, in Künzelsau, it’s easy for me to gauge the reaction of individual members of the audience and see whether we’ve really captured their attention. It’s great for me to see them concentrating and enjoying the performance! This is a really important aspect for us as musicians—I need an audience and a buzz to be able to play my best music.”



“Our orchestra is currently on its way to the premier league, so to speak. In terms of quality, we are up there with the best of them, and we’re also building an international reputation for ourselves. We played with Anna Netrebko in Dubai this year! Events like these obviously throw us into the spotlight. On the other hand, our concerts here in the surrounding area also draw big crowds. I think the fact that we are local also attracts a lot of people who might not listen to classical music otherwise. It has a sort of sponge effect—people here literally soak up the high-quality culture. Distances have become shorter, quite literally.”


Reinhold Würth is a classical music enthusiast. He wants to share his passion and give something back to the region that he calls home. The Würth Philharmoniker perform as the orchestra in residence at Carmen Würth Forum.