“More and more attention is being paid to saving energy and resources in construction projects today,” says site manager Carsten Gruchmann. “As an example, this project involves the installation of a heat pump to tap into regenerative energy sources.” The materials used are as solvent-free as possible and have been sourced from the region.



What might happen to the building in the future? Nowadays, this aspect is something that is already taken into account during the construction phase. “We are designing this building to allow a suspended ceiling to be installed fairly easily if need be,” explains site manager Tina Waschke. “This makes any remodeling work a whole lot easier.”



A fastener, some adhesive tape, a tool: Sometimes, a small component can make a big difference—particularly if it is not available. “It’s always frustrating to have to wait for a replacement delivery,” say the site managers. Würth’s BAULOC® stations make sure that this never happens. These stationary material stores are individually stocked with the material that the construction site needs and are constantly replenished. Sometimes, a Würth expert is also available on site, in a sort of mini shop. The concept has been well received: “It’s really handy to know that you’re not going to run out of anything.”


There are currently BAULOC® stations on around 1,000 construction sites throughout Germany, supplying construction site employees with the material they need.